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are dealt a disappointing blow in a loss to the browns. wjz has complete coverage. ron matz has today's fan cam. we'll start with mark viviano with more on the ravens's third straight defeat. >> the ravens had extra time to rest and regroup during their bye week. after they lost two straight games they declared it time to start a new chapter. who better to play than the browns, the team the ravens had beaten 11 straight times. >> the browns were the clowns, the worst franchises in the nfl. back up quarterback jason campbell has the ravens reeling in the first half on the pass to bess. he gets in for a touchdown. 14-3 browns. critical mistake by the ravens m fumbles a punt. the browns recover deep in baltimore territory, setting up another score. campbell throws his third touchdown pass of the game. an easy toss. 21-10 browns. cleveland's longe ravens about to come to an end. marlon brown was a bright spot for baltimore, caught two touchdown passes. this one from joe flacco in the 4th and they added a 2 point converse. that made it 21-18. the ravens couldn't do anymore . flacco was sacked f
chris brown have been reduced. mary bubala is back in the newsroom with the story. >> good afternoon. it started sunday morning outside the w hotel in downtown wogs. brown is accused of punching a beltsville man in the face. brown appeared in court where the case was reduced to a misdemeanor assault. he was released without bail. he is still on probation for a domestic violence case where he beat up his ex-girlfriend pop star rihanna. he is due back in situations for a second court appearance november 25th. back to you. >> thank you, mary. >> the judge ordered brown to undergo drug treatment and make contact with his probation officer. >>> three men are behind bars in the fatal shooting of a hotel worker in oxon hill. surveillance video captured the moment when he held up a pregnant hotel clerk and demanded money. jesse chavez confronted the suspect and was shot to death. >>> a maryland man is charged in u.s. district court for his involvement with the black market web site silk road. according to the "baltimore sun," 32-year-old jacob george the 4th is accused of selling heroin and
. >> and the ravens head to the dog pound next sunday. take it automobile the browns in cleveland. the ravens are currently three- point favorites for that game. don, back to you. >> thank you very much. you can see the browns in cleveland this sunday afternoon. live right here on wjzsubpoena 6789. >>> a big success for the making strides for breast cancer walk this weekend. 6000 people came out to walk around lake montevallo yesterday including many breast cancer survivors. the walk raised more than $300,000 to be used for research and support programs for breast cancer patients. wjz is proud to be a sponsor of making strides for breast cancer. jessica was the emcee and did a great job. >> a lot of fun. >>> still to come on wjz's eyewitness news at noon. the driving rains and high winds slash britain. why it could be the worst storm there in years. >> chris brown is in a washington d.c. lock-up right now. what he and his body guard are changed with doing. >>> the wind has died down. you may be able to ditch the jacket this afternoon. don't miss your updated first warning weather forecast.
, having said that, on sunday at about 4:25 standard time the ravens are playing the browns up at the great north coast in cleveland. that frontal boundary already passed through cleveland. by the end of the game 36, 37 degrees with sunny skies and just a light breeze. we're all going to be dealing with fall this weekend, home and away. again, we go back to standard time before you go to bed tomorrow night. the long dark fall and winter is upon us. tim williams talks about a spring-like warm up. last coming your way in our first warning weather segment. >>> more than a dozen and former nfl my players, including ray lewis files a suit against a bank. >> reporter: the athletes are suing bbnt bank for nearly $60 million. the bank allowed a financial advising firm to open accounts in ray lewis's and 16 other nfl players named. it was deemed illegal under alabama law. the firm involved is now banned from the industry. lewis, a two time nfl defensive player of the year who retired in february said he lost nearly $4 million. jessica, back to you. >> ron, thank you. according to the lawsuit, in ado
weekend singer chris brown is at a rehab center. he's undergoing counseling for an anger management problem. it may to keep him out of jail for violating probation. he is accused of punching a maryland man who tried to take a picture with him. the charge has been reduced to a misdemeanor by a judge. >>> police are looking for two women who stole over $500 worth of meat from a frederick grocery store. the women were caught on surveillance cameras filling reusable shopping bags on october 10th. it happened at a giant on sugar low parkway. anyone with information on these women is urged to call police. >>> a gloomy wednesday. marty bass is in the first warning weather center. >> thanks a lot. good afternoon, everybody. i tk is rain is over to be quite honest with you. take a look at first warning doppler weather radar. moisture sits off to our east. we had shower activity during the commune commute but this is long gone. let me bring in the visible satellite photo. once the sun comes up you will actually be able to see clouds in the area. i'm sure the -- come on. i know you can do thi
heating up. don't miss the ravens as they take on the browns. you can see the game sunday at 4:15 live on wjz 13. of course we're all orioles fans here but it's nice to say boston celebrating. >> especially with the year they've had. >>> still to come, new charges for the blade runner. what other charges oscar pistorius will be facing. >>> why this woman attacks a tv news room with the camera rolling. >>> the skies are grey and still foggy around the edges. what's coming up? your first warning weather forecast among other things. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> it is over cast and 64 degrees in central maryland right now. your complete first warning weather forecast is still coming up. >>> one day before the deadline a watchdog group all of syria's equipment is destroyed to make chemical weapons. it's believed the country still has tons of chemicals including gas and the nerve agent serin. the inspectors said they were not able to visit two sites because of security concerns. >>> oscar pistorius will be facing some additional charges when he goes on trial for murder. they talked on firing gun
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6